Abbey Sales & Lettings - Auctions

Selling via auction provides reliable results at 0% commission!

Some properties are not best suited to standard methods of sale. If your property…

  • Suffers with structural problems e.g. subsidence, heave.
  • Is derelict and un-mortgageable
  • Is un-mortgageable due to its construction, e.g. concrete/steel frame, single skin brickwork
  • Has legal complexities or restrictions that limit the market
  • Is commercial and long term vacant such as warehousing, farm buildings, commercial units
  • Has no use in its current format, e.g. a redundant public house, water tower, petrol station
  • Is a piece of land with a limited appeal
  • Is a piece of land with speculative chance of development

Then selling via auction might be for you!

Sometimes your situation means standard methods won’t or no longer work for you. If you…

  • Have had multiple sales fall through and just want a guaranteed result!
  • Are in arrears on your mortgage or are financially distressed
  • Need to move particularly urgently
  • Live in a property that is in the list above, but don’t have the funds to remedy the situation

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