Abbey Sales & Lettings - Why Use us to Manage?

Abbey Sales and Lettings Management Service

Our management service is designed to do the following for you.

  • Keep the workload of our landlords to a minimum
  • Allow landlords to stay abreast of their tenancy, not be bogged down by it
  • Keep the running costs of your property low
  • Ensure your property performs well as an investment
  • To avoid risk wherever possible, and cover it where it is unavoidable

How We Do Things Differently

We handle all of the maintenance for you in house. Our maintenance department first establishes where responsibility lies. We don’t just automatically pass the cost to you. We try to fix the problem with the tenant, rather than reaching for your chequebook. If we need to call a tradesperson, we only use local, tried-and-tested and competitive associates.

We will inspect your property every 12 weeks. Yes every three months and that’s a promise! Many agencies commit to regular visits, but this often doesn’t happen or is less often than promised. We check your tenant is complying with the tenancy agreement and plan routine maintenance with you, so your property stays smart and safe, with the maintenance cost spread.

We collect the rent and pay you promptly. We use easy-to-read statements in clear English, sent straight to you via email. Why make things more complicated than necessary?

We regularly review the rent to keep it in line with the market. This is often overlooked by agents. Instead of ending up out of pocket as rents rise, rest assured that Abbey Sales and Lettings will be on the ball, keeping your property working as hard as possible for you without pushing your tenant away.

We organise regular contract renewals on your behalf. Many agents are happy to let your tenancy roll on into a month-to-month arrangement after the first year. To give you certainty of occupation into the future, we work with our tenants and landlords to ensure stable, reliable tenancies remain in place.

We handle all negotiations with tenants. Sadly, sometimes it is necessary to retain some or all of a deposit, which often creates conflict with a tenant. Many agents will pass this part of the process to you, but we will handle everything for you; you won’t need to do anything.

We look after all safety checks and servicing. We will automatically track and renew any safety certification required to keep your property compliant and handle any service arrangements you have.

We truly value your business and appreciate that our success is built on long-term relationships of trust in us. The runs through everything we do and is why so much of our business is built on repeat custom, recommendation and referral.

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My property on Moreton Hall used to be managed by another agent. They didn’t check my tenant properly, and then didn’t inspect the property when they were meant to. A year later i was owed rent, and my property hadn’t been looked after. Also the inventory wasn’t good enough for me to get any money off the deposit, and when i went into the property afterwards there was masses of maintenance to do, that had been reported but ignored and that i wasn’t aware of.

I almost decided i was never going to rent my house out again, but Abbey explained what they do differently and also that the rent is guaranteed, and to give them a chance to show what they can do. Three years later and i can honestly say its been a dream.

Miss F, Moreton Hall – Bury St Edmunds